IT Solutions: 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Ethernet IT SolutionsWireless connections to the internet are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and other organizations, in part because they allow a company to offer internet access to visitors on the premises.  This can help increase sales in many types of businesses because it gives consumers an additional reason to visit the premises.  Wireless access, however, is not always the best solution for internal employees who make frequent and extensive use of online resources.  These individuals may be much better served by an Ethernet connection, which offers faster data access speeds than those typical of wireless environments.

One of the more recent advances in Ethernet technology is the 10-gigabit line.  Companies that are leveraging IT solutions such as server clustering, advanced storage, and virtualization will find that a 10-gigabyte Ethernet line will provide them with the high levels of bandwidth needed to take full advantage of these advances.  Even if none of the foregoing technologies is in place at a business, the adoption of a cloud-computing model to carry out key functions can also mean that more bandwidth becomes necessary. 

Another reason to move to 10 gigabit Ethernet is that a network designed around this technology can have a simpler infrastructure.  This leads to consolidation and cost savings; it may also reduce the amount of IT support time needed for ongoing administration and maintenance of the computing environment that employees depend on to complete daily workflow. 

A faster Ethernet system can be set up, maintained, and monitored as part of a managed programs approach to IT support.

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