Using Staff Augmentation From An IT Company

Staff AugmentationThe staff augmentation industry had estimated revenues during 2010 of over $40 billion, a figure that speaks to the relevance and usefulness of this method of seeing to a company's IT needs.  After all, companies are in the business of using those strategies that both help the bottom line and allow them to accomplish their business objectives and core competencies.  Such a large investment in staff augmentation is strong evidence that companies are finding the strategy one that meets their IT needs.

The basic theory behind staff augmentation is that some projects do not need to be wholly or even partially staffed by in-house personnel.  Instead, some functions can be outsourced to personnel who work for an IT company and join your business on a temporary basis. 

A good first step when considering a staff augmentation strategy is to evaluate the skill sets of existing staff members carefully and compare those to the skills needed to accomplish a particular IT project.  In earlier times, the result of such an evaluation might be to send in-house staff out to receive the training they need.  This tended to delay implementation of the desired project.  Using a staff augmentation strategy allows projects to begin as soon as the staff are assembled, since no additional training will be required. 

Moreover, training in-house is quite expensive, and some companies learned to their detriment that once they had invested significant resources in training an individual worker, he or she might leave the company and take that valuable training elsewhere.

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