5 Top IT Solutions To Consider When Choosing Backup Software

laptopDeciding to purchase a software suite is always a matter that demands careful thought as well as adequate time and attention.  When the software in question is intended to back up vital company data, however, the issue of selecting the right product is paramount.  A poor choice of backup software can have potentially devastating consequences should the company need to implement its disaster recovery plan with a flawed set of backup data. 

Working closely with an IT consulting company skilled in backup issues is a good way to begin the selection process.  As it continues, be sure that management explores these key issues with the IT consulting firm's representatives.

1. Ease of use

A program that is too complex can be a detriment even if it offers advanced functionality.  This is because ease of use is at least as important as the bells and whistles that some programs offer in addition to their core function of backing up data reliably and effectively. 

2. Automatic indexing

Sometimes a firm needs to restore the entire system.  In this case, a full backup is essential.  More often, however, only a specific portion of data needs to be restored.  A full backup that is not properly indexed may be useless in this situation.  An index allows users to find the required data without a protracted search.

3. Range of options

A good backup program will be able to perform incremental backups at timed intervals as well as full backups on a regular schedule.

4. Interoperability

A good backup program can interface with tape drives as well as hard disk media and other storage solutions.

5. Encryption

Backups should be at least as secure as the original data.  Make sure that the system you choose supports robust 256-bit encryption technology.

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