IT Company Project Work: Detailed Approach Best

IT ServicesOne of the challenging aspects to working in an environment that includes outsourced IT is the need for clear communication between the business and the IT company providing services.  The need for clear communication is particularly acute in the area of project work.  When an IT company is providing IT services on an ongoing, long-term basis, misunderstanding can gradually be remediated over time; the parties should eventually reach an accord in which roles and responsibilities are perfectly clear in all their details.

When it comes to project work, however, a misunderstanding at the start can result in the creation of a finished product that does not fully match the vision of the business that has contracted for it.  This may be true even when the finished product technically complies with all of the descriptors in the project work contract.

In order to improve the outcomes of a project work model, it is best to use a ‘detailed approach’ to stating the requirements the project must meet.  In the detailed approach, the IT company providing staff for the project is heavily involved in the drafting of the written documents detailing the project's requirements.  Ideally, the staff that will be performing the project work itself will be involved in this phase.  In this way, a much clearer set of requirements and expectations can be established from the first and perceived ambiguities in the original wording can be eliminated before they have a chance to veer the project away from the company's true vision.

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