5 Key Planning Steps For Project Work: IT Support

IT supportMost business strategies require ample planning in order to be used effectively.  Project work is no exception.  Project work refers to an allocation strategy in which a specific IT project is outsourced to an IT company that will typically handle it in its entirety, delivering a finished product that fully meets the specifications laid out by the company that arranged for the project work.  In order to leverage the project work approach to its highest potential, companies should consider each of the following guidelines.

1. Make the case

Before project work begins, management staff should construct a strong business case for their decision to outsource the work items involved.  This will help to create buy-in for the decision to use outside experts to complete the project.

2. Clarify goals

Understand exactly what you seek to achieve through the use of the external personnel that will complete the project.  This may require a thorough understanding of the current IT operation and its drawbacks; these items can provide an important part of the vision of what may be accomplished by using a project work approach.

3. Know your costs

Understanding your current costs can help you to evaluate the various pricing models that you will encounter as you begin to move toward establishing an agreement with an IT company.

4. Perform due diligence

When considering the various IT companies that can provide you with staff for project work, perform due diligence to be sure that they are capable of meeting both your needs and all legal requirements.

5. Include transfer procedures in the contract

A well-thought out transfer procedure for the IT functions to be outsourced will make for a better beginning and end to a project work situation. 

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