Managed Services Can Help Companies Meet Privacy Requirements

One of the more challenging aspects of business interactions in the internet age is the increasing needs to keep client and customer information both secure and private.  Laws in many states are evolving on this issue, as are the kinds of policies and provisions being promoted by the federal government.  The Obama administration recently put forth a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. 

According to Lisa Sotto, who serves Hunton & Williams law firm as a data security lawyer, the proposed law should help companies move forward towards IT solutions that promote the confidentiality of consumer data.  "The real value that I see here is that I think many companies that are not active in this space are going to sit up and take notice now that this document has been issued and will understand that privacy and data security can't be a back-burner issue," said Sotto when interviewed about the proposed law.  Sotto added that the issue of privacy "absolutely needs to be pushed forward in the compliance and regulatory agenda for companies."

The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights promotes such values as accountability, transparency, and security, but also suggests that consumers should be able to access their own personal data and correct it when needed.

The proposed guidelines set a high bar for businesses to meet.  One way for small and medium-sized businesses to address the suggested requirements is to adopt a managed services model for IT support and monitoring.  A managed services approach allows companies to take advantage of economies of scale offered by expert providers with extensive experience in the fields of data security.

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