2 Reasons Businesses Are Switching To Outsourced IT

Outsourced ITAs an approach to meeting information technology needs, outsourced IT is a widespread strategy among American businesses.  In fact, the typical tech department already spends as much as six percent of the overall IT budget on services that are outsourced.  This is true regardless of the size of the company, but many experts have concluded that outsourced IT is particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized companies.  This is because such firms tend to have a very small IT organization of their own; indeed, some small businesses have no IT department at all.

Reasons to switch to outsourced IT

There are several key reasons businesses cite for their decision to use IT outsourcing to meet some or all of their computer and data needs.

1. Reduced costs

The economies of scale and efficiencies that are inherent to IT outsourcing allow organizations to reduce the footprint that IT makes on their operating budgets.  Since one service provider can use the same infrastructure to serve several clients, this provides a lower cost structure than each business purchasing the entire needed infrastructure on their own.

2. Improved access to expertise

Because outsourced IT uses specialist firms, businesses will almost overnight have access to levels of expertise that were previously denied them.  Only the very largest companies can afford to have IT experts of every stripe available in-house.  As well, smaller businesses often have difficulty providing competitive salaries for IT specialists since their expertise is so much in demand.

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