Mobile Security: IT Solutions Found In Essential Inventory

Mobile SecurityOne of the first steps that any business should take when it comes to mobile security is to conduct a full inventory of the various mobile devices that are being used in the organization.  The most obvious candidate for inclusion in such an inventory is of course the smartphone, but businesses should also take care to include other kinds of mobile devices such as tablet computers, laptop computers, BlackBerries, and PDAs (personal data assistants).  It is essential to identify all devices because otherwise, IT solutions for managing them are not likely to address all the challenges that various kinds of devices being used.

One way to help construct a mobile device inventory is to begin with a wireless environment that is properly locked down.  Managed programs staff can make sure that this prerequisite is in place.  Assuming the wireless environment requires robust authentication, users who want to connect to it will have to consult the IT support department in order for their devices to become authorized.  This provides IT personnel an ideal way in which to collect information about the various portable devices being used in the organization.  Not only can these procedures be useful for constructing an initial inventory, but they can also be employed over time to keep that inventory up to date as employees bring new devices in that they wish to use in conjunction with their professional lives. 

A managed programs approach can take advantage of synchronizing functions on workstations in order to identify devices and see how employees are using them in the workplace.  This information can provide an invaluable foundation for a security plan that will address all particulars relevant to a specific business situation.

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