Managed Programs Help IT Departments To Find New Horizons

Managed ProgramsIT professionals, like people in every walk of life, can develop strong preferences that influence decision-making.  This can be a challenge for companies using only in-house staffers to see to their IT needs because when it is time to hire a new person for the tech department, leaders in the department may subconsciously, or even deliberately, choose to interview only those candidates that share their own vision of IT. 

One way in which this tendency can manifest itself is in the determination of which operating system a server should use.  Some people are predisposed to favor Windows products above all others, while other individuals prefer the open-source Linux solution.  Arguments can be made in favor of either solution, but when, for example, a Linux approach would be best for a given firm's needs, in-house staff predisposed to favor Windows at all costs will probably stick to the approach that for them is ‘tried and true’.

One way out of this challenging issue is to contract with an IT company to provide additional staff that can visit on a regular, scheduled basis.  This model for IT services, known as a managed programs approach, can be used for the installation, maintenance, and ongoing upgrade needs of a program that is unfamiliar to in-house staffers.  A managed programs approach has the added benefit of requiring those very staffers to broaden their IT horizons.  This can happen through informal discussions with managed programs personnel and through ongoing contact with the new software incorporated into the business environment through the managed programs approach. 

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