Managed Services Improve Disaster Recovery Times

One of the single most prevalent business disaster that companies encounter is a loss of important data.  While a robust firewall and other protective measures such as anti-virus protection and real-time monitoring provided by a managed services firm can help to drastically reduce data loss due to hackers, such IT solutions cannot prevent all data loss.  This is because completely separate issues can also lead to a loss of data; these include failure of key hardware components such as disk drives, natural disasters, and errors made by employees who work with the data. 

Preventing data loss is important, but it is just as important to build in processes and procedures that will allow for the quick restoration of data that vanishes from the current IT environment in use.  Unfortunately, a majority of U.S. businesses have indicated that they lack confidence in data recovery procedures. 

Some businesses may have cause for concern.  Disaster recovery can take days when the only data backup provisions in place are cloud storage or some other form of online backup.  When a cloud-based integrated system for the disaster recovery of a physical environment is used, getting data up and running again may take only hours, but for many companies, even this is too long for comfort.  A better solution is a cloud-based DR program designed for virtual environments, which provides for recovery in minutes instead of hours or days.  Instant recovery is also possible using strategies that incorporate continuous protection of data. 

For robust disaster recovery, a managed services model that can incorporate a variety of strategies targeted to specific needs best serves businesses.

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