The Power IT Services Gives Real-Time Monitoring in IT Environments

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A managed services model for IT support and services has many advantages, including the ability to help businesses focus more heavily on their core competencies by outsourcing their IT needs to those who are experts in the field.  One of the biggest advantages of all, however, does not strictly relate to improved employee efficiency or lowered administrative costs.  This is the capacity for a managed services approach to provide for real-time discovery of security breaches and other events highly worthy of notice. 

One of the more serious problems with some approaches to IT security is the fact that failures may not be noticed in a timely manner.  When a traditional firewall goes offline for one reason or another, thereby leaving entire systems unsecured, it may be minutes or even hours until an IT staffer notices the problem and takes steps to resolve it.  A managed services model can help to address this situation because remote monitoring on a 24/7 basis is an integral part of most such models. 

Using remote monitoring combined with a robust system of ‘trip wires’ and alerts that will sound an alarm when something goes wrong, a managed services model can keep problems from spiraling out of control.  When security breaches and other similar issues are discovered almost immediately, there is much less chance for a domino effect to begin, with one issue causing another.  Left unchecked, a serious intrusion can unravel an entire network.  This is much less likely to happen in a managed services model.

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