IT Solutions Such As Cloud Storage May Encompass Hidden Fees

Cloud StorageA strong trend in the world of cloud computing has been a tendency for cloud storage prices to drop over time.  Major providers of cloud storage space including such giants as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have all recently offered customers major price breaks that can total as much as 15 percent of an overall bill for the service.  Both companies that are making use of a managed services model and those that are not can see the bottom lines improve because of these changes.

 Price drops, however, may not be the whole story when it comes to IT solutions such as cloud storage.  Sometimes the pricing models in effect with these services also incorporate a host of fees that can add up to a great deal on a monthly basis.  For example, each command sent to the Amazon cloud storage interface may come with a fee.  These fees can be almost infinitesimal: a single penny for 10,000 transactions, for example.

When multiplied by dozens of millions of transactions, however, even such tiny fees can add up.  So-called ‘transaction pricing’ can therefore be a major factor in how much companies end up paying for the service.  These fees need to be taken into account in order for businesses to know how much they are really going to have to pay for a cloud storage solution.

Two key ways to reduce cloud storage costs are for a business to shop for comparisons among providers and to examine the applications to migrate to the cloud.  In some cases, businesses using software that requires a large number of transactions may want to search for alternate IT solutions.

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