2 Top IT Trends For 2012: IT Solutions

TechnologyTwo of the most significant IT trends expected to make a large impact on businesses during 2012 have already been underway in a limited fashion during 2011: BYOD and WLAN.  Both trends involve technology that can benefit from a strong managed programs approach to IT security and services.


This term, fast becoming commonplace among business organizations, stands for ‘bring your own device’ and refers to the growing IT model in which employees of an organization use their own tech devices to access company resources, even going online using the company network.  BYOD may well spell the end of the traditional model in which each employee that needs mobile access to company data is issued a cell phone, iPad, or other portable device.  

Instead, employees are increasingly providing their own, using one device for both business and personal functions.  While this model has large cost-savings implications for any business, it also comes with challenges in terms of IT security and interoperability of a wide variety of OS platforms.  A robust managed programs model can help to address these on an ongoing basis.


As the mobile revolution continues, more businesses are finding that a Wireless Local Area Network has strong advantages, particularly when used alongside a traditional wired network.  Yet those advantages bring with them security challenges as well, since anyone who can ‘see’ the network from a distance may attempt to intrude upon it.  Again, a managed programs model can be helpful to assure that a WLAN is kept up to date with security software and patches that can help prevent unwanted access.

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