IT Consulting: Not Just for Business Organizations

It is quite common to associate IT consulting with private business and industry, but organizations in the public sphere can also greatly benefit from the wisdom of experience that IT consulting firms possess.  These public organizations include such entities as city, county, and state governments as well as school districts and non-profit organizations.

Kane County, located in the northern section of Illinois, provides an example of the importance of IT consulting among small governmental organizations.  Kane County has slightly more than 500,000 residents, but in the last 12 years, its population has grown by more than 25 percent.  The technology in place for the criminal justice system in the county has not been able to keep up with this significant increase in population growth, which of course has spilled over into every area of life including the courts, holding facilities, and jails that make up the criminal justice system. 

The Kane County Board has allocated $90,000 for a limited IT consulting contract.  This funding would go toward paying for a consultant or team of consultants to help the county choose which software vendor would best meet its needs as they seek to improve the networks and systems in use for the criminal justice system.  According to Roger Fahnestock, the CIO for the county, the two IT consulting firms currently under consideration have already submitted bids.

The county is aware that more than $12 million will probably be needed for the design and installation phase of the new system, but they want an IT consulting firm to provide guidance during these phases as well as in the selection of a vendor. 

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