4 Options for Online Backup

One of the most useful features of the internet is the way in which it enables businesses and personal users to create an online backup of their essential data.  An online backup is a superior way to a backup stored on-site.  It offers more protection against natural disasters; for example, a hurricane that destroys your laptop will most likely destroy your external hard drive back up as well.  An online backup system, in contrast, will be located at a remote location.  Another advantage of online backup is the ability to access your backup files from any location in the world.


CrashPlan can be ‘test driven’ at no cost, but in this mode it only provides local backups online.  Users that want online storage and backup space will need to become premium users.  This carries a monthly subscription. 


One of the most well known of the online backup options, this system integrates with the ‘My Documents’ interface on Windows-based computers.  Dropping files into the ‘My Dropbox’ folder makes them automatically sync with the backups in an online Dropbox location.

Jungle Disk 

Instead of a flat rate for unlimited online storage, Jungle Disk assesses users with a data fee, very similar to cell phone data plans. Both upload and download activities carry charges.  For large amounts of data, Jungle Disk may be more expensive than the other options. 

Managed Services

Since small and medium businesses tend to have a great deal of data, their best option may be to work with a managed services provider that can provide a unified approach for the entire company.  Such an approach can make the process of online backup entirely automatic.

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