Using IT Consulting to Deal With BYOD Challenges


The practice of BYOD or bring your own device is a somewhat controversial one in business circles across the nation.  While employees may appreciate the convenience of using their own mobile phone for business as well as personal use, some companies are having second thoughts about this model.  Security concerns play a large role in the conversation, as does the issue of employees possibly using company time for personal email and other non-work uses.  This, of course, can become more frequent when a BYOD policy is in effect. 

In response, some companies are moving more heavily to a tablet approach in their business model.  Tablets offer many of the advantages of smart phones, such as ease of use and portability without some of their drawbacks.  Tablets can be maintained as the property of the company, holding only company data so that employees are less tempted to use them to email an old friend, for example.  Tablets can also be managed with full security, avoiding some of the challenges of BYOD.

Businesses and organizations considering a move to tablets should also consider working with an IT consulting company to explore options.  The Apple iPad is currently the most popular tablet adopted by businesses, but there are alternatives in the form of Android tablets and even the new Kindle Fire.  An IT consulting firm can assist management to sort out the pros and cons of the various tablets available, providing helpful advice regarding price levels versus functionality.

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