4 IT Solutions to Getting Citrix XenServer Up and Running

CitrixBuilding a private cloud using the Citrix XenServer system can be accomplished in just four simple steps.

1. Arrange the hypervisor configuration 

The first thing to do is to establish the virtual environment that is needed in order to build the cloud.  Afterwards, the XenServer hypervisor can be installed and configured to provide features such as server pooling, automatic VM migration during failovers, and storage support. 

2. Authenticate your appliances

This step requires the use of Citrix NetScaler, an appliance used to balance the loads between VMs.  It also serves as a firewall for applications in addition to providing security at entry points to the system.

3. Insert applications into the cloud 

In this step, managed programs staff will use Citrix XenApp 6.5 to make sure that end users will be able to access cloud applications.  The applications themselves can be managed through Active Directory structures, while XenApp manages user access, providing a web interface through XenApp, while NetScaler handles authentication.

4. Allow delivery of user desktops

Business users agree that being able to launch their own desktop from any device is a huge step forward for portability as well as efficiency.  With Citrix, HDX technology assists virtual desktops to run at boosted speeds so that end users can be as productive as possible. 

Businesses have several IT solutions they can employ for the installation and ongoing maintenance of a virtualized computing environment.  One of the most powerful is to adopt a managed programs approach in which visiting staff provide regular services.

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