4 Kinds of Hackers for Businesses to Beware of: IT Solutions


The word hacker means different things to different people.  In the business climate, a narrow definition of the word can create a kind of ‘tunnel vision’ in which IT services focus more on one kind of security than another.  This is dangerous; a robust IT security policy will take into account all the different kinds of hackers that exist.  In fact, one reason to contract with a managed services provider is because that model gives a business access to a team of professionals who understand the dangers of tunnel vision. 

1. Hacking Activists

The most famous of these is Anonymous.  Also known as ‘hacktivists’, these loosely organized groups have a social or political motive behind their attacks.

2. Black Hats

These hackers are professionals who possess superb coding skills as well as high levels of determination.  Their attacks are not likely to be publicized, as their goal is to determine new inroads into company data and infrastructure.  Their end goal is not necessarily criminal activity, but their actions can be damaging to business resources all the same.

3. Cyber Criminal Gangs 

These hackers aim to steal electronic money directly or gain access to the data that will permit future theft.  They work in ways designed to make it difficult for law enforcement to track their activities.  Often, these gangs, headed by career criminals, work with talented hackers to achieve their aims.

4. Rogue Nations

These hackers work for national governments and have huge amounts of resources at their fingertips.  Their goal is to damage the critical financial, military, or infrastructure base of a target nation.

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