IT Consulting Can Help Businesses Choose The Right ISP

Some business organizations may feel that robust IT security including a firewall is not enough to protect them fully against the current threat environment.  Indeed, just this week Julius Genachowski, who serves as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, began urging internet service providers to take on a greater role in preventing cyber threats from ever reaching the homes and businesses they serve.

According to Genachowski, ISPs are in an ideal position to combat a range of threats including botnets.  Botnets are networks of computers linked through the internet that can be used to spread malware far and wide.  ISPs can also help to kill domain-name fraud and net hijacking at the source.  Effective ISP actions against such threats would mean that a company firewall had less to contend with, which could help to boost IT security across the board.

Melissa Hathaway, who has served as an advisor on cybersecurity issues for both President George W.  Bush and for President Obama, expanded upon Genachowski's recommendation, saying, "ISPs have unique visibility of the malware and activity transiting their infrastructure….  As we see more organized and semi-organized groups disrupt services and infrastructures in support of the cause of the day using DDoS or similar malware, it may demand that the ISPs adopt and practice Good Samaritan behavior."

The government's interest in ISP's points to a key fact about internet service: a business's choice of provider must rely on factors other than price.  IT consulting services can help companies to evaluate the security that various ISPs currently offer.

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