HP VirtualSystem Helps to Reduce Virtualization Complexity


According to recent industry surveys, more than three-fourths of those who make IT decisions for companies regard dealing with the complexity created by virtualization as their highest priority.  For some businesses, the answer to this challenge lies in an innovative new system from HP.  Known as VirtualSystem, this approach to virtualization uses HP Converged Infrastructure to reduce the level of complexity in a virtualized environment. 

One way in which VirtualSystem is able to do this rests on the system's single solution approach.  An HP VirtualSystem is built and configured to a client's specifications and shipped as a complete unit with components that have been tested and organized in advance to meet a client's needs.  These components include not just a server, the core of most virtualized computing environments, but also networking and storage resources as well as those needed for management.

HP VirtualSystem makes it possible to modernize data centers without delay since it enables organizations to get up and running quickly with virtualization.  Security and management tools are fully integrated to make operations simpler, a fact that can increase data protection in and of itself since highly complex operations can sometimes lead to highly complex, difficult to correct, errors.

With HP VirtualSystem, companies are not locked into a specific vendor for their other virtualization needs.  The system works well with not only industry-leading VMware products but also with Citrix and Microsoft virtualization platforms.  One good way to implement VirtualSystem is to contract with an IT company that can provide managed programs staff to visit regularly to provide administration services.

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