IT Consulting: Questions of Electrical Supply


Maintaining business operations during a crisis means having adequate access to data, but this goal inherently depends on keeping up the underlying infrastructure that supports a company network.  Meeting that requirement means that businesses and other organizations dependent on data must consider the strength and flexibility of their systems for delivering electrical power to their networks. 

Unfortunately, it is looking more and more likely that businesses may experience attacks that center on the provision of electricity across the nation.  According to General Keith Alexander, who serves both as a ‘cyber-commander' in the military and as a director at the National Security Agency, the hacking group commonly referred to as Anonymous may decide to target the U.S. electrical grid.  Alexander estimates that this could take place relatively soon. 

According to reports published in the Wall Street Journal, Alexander has expressed his concerns with members of the White House staff.  His worries come at a key time for cyber security legislation; some people are criticizing the bills currently under consideration for not providing enough guidance to companies that must assess the current risk climate.

As Alexander's interest in the issue shows, merely securing data and systems is not enough to guarantee continued operations when hackers are willing to target power sources at the root.  Businesses can protect themselves from the downtime that would otherwise result by working closely with IT consulting firms ahead of time to arrange uninterruptible power supplies, systems that can automatically switch on in the event that normal electrical power should be disrupted.

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