Managed Programs Staff Provide Efficient Workarounds

Managed Programs

Most organizations using virtualization will eventually experience the need for some workarounds in order to get the software to adjust better to the specific needs it must meet.  This can either be an expensive proposition requiring hiring specialists to do the writing of custom codes and scripts, or it can be handed off to managed programs staff who are on hand on a regular basis.  Such staff are skilled at working with virtualization software, customizing features on the ‘fly’ so that businesses can make the most of the software packages that they have already purchased.

For example, many IT solutions that revolve around virtualization depend on managed programs staff having adequate information about the VMs in the system.  VMware’s vCenter allows administrators to add custom fields to the vSphere client.  These custom fields can then be triggered to fill themselves out automatically whenever a new virtual machine is created.  In this way, the user creating the VM as well as the date of creation is recorded.  Once these sorts of systems are put in place, managed programs staff will have access to a much more robust information environment as they administer a virtualized environment.  

All that is needed in many cases is skilled personnel who know how to take advantage of the flexible programming possibilities that are built into vCenter.  Such personnel are often part of an overall managed programs model for IT services in which experts from an IT company visit.  This allows a business to access much more expertise than they are likely to have among in-house staff.

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