Security Breaches Provide Teachable Moments To Use IT Services

Security BreachNo business organization wants to be the subject of a hacking attack or other security breach, but if one has in fact occurred, the best the organization can do is treat the event as a ‘teachable moment’ that can help it look toward the future to improve security protocols and procedures.  IT consulting firms can be a partner in this process, which also involves the leadership at the affected business stepping up to take responsibility for crafting improved policies for workers to follow.  

IT consulting firms can also assist company leadership to develop better ways of monitoring employee compliance with such policies, sometimes through not just human resources approaches but also with software that can alert management to problems before they have a chance to develop into full-scale breaches.

The recent experience at the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative provides a case in point.  This organization experienced a security breach that ultimately cost nearly $300,000 to clear up.  It all began when a laptop was stolen out of an employee’s automobile.  Unfortunately, the data on the laptop was not encrypted, which immediately made the theft a serious security concern. 

Network scanning software could have alerted management to this problem in advance, assuming that the laptop was connected to the company network sometimes.  Businesses that work with an IT company possessing experts in issues such as network scanning and encryption can establish ways to help make such breaches less likely in the future.

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