IT Consulting: Forensics as a Response to Intrusions

SecurityThere is no doubt that many situations exist in which IT consulting services can be helpful to businesses and other organizations grappling with the day-to-day challenges of managing both infrastructure and data.  There is one situation, however, in which a specialized form of consulting can actually be invaluable. 

According to Miriam Wugmeister, an IT privacy and security attorney, when an intrusion or breach happens, companies would be well advised to contract with an IT consulting firm that possesses expertise in the area of computer forensics.  "Often, the first thing companies do is hire forensics organizations, which come in and help companies figure out what has been breached, what data has been accessed, has any data been acquired, how do they plug the hole.  Those things are really important to happen first," comments Wugmeister.

Wugmeister advises companies that the first response to a breach should be to work with such a firm; this takes higher priority than following the consumer notification provisions embedded into federal laws as well as regulations in many states.  Her reasoning is self-evident: companies cannot know with certainty what to notify consumers about until they have first investigated the breach itself. 

Forensics experts from an IT consulting firm can also advise their clients about how the findings from a particular breach can be used to improve data and customer security in the future.  The exact modes of access may suggest specific IT solutions that businesses can explore with the help of an expert who can help them conduct a cost-benefit analysis for each proposed modification of hardware, software, or procedures.

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