Managed Programs Model Can Address Staff Cost Concerns

Managed Programs ModelA major new survey has just unveiled results about compensation levels for IT security professionals.  Businesses that hire their own IT managers as in-house personnel may regard the findings with some amount of concern since it appears that keeping such staff may be more expensive than anticipated during 2012.  Despite the poor job outlook in many sectors during these challenging economic times, IT security professionals can expect an upswing in their salary levels.

The 2012 Career Impact Survey polled more than 2,200 professionals in the IT security field.  Of these, nearly three-fourths indicated that they received a raise during the previous year.  Nor were the raises insignificant.  More than 13 percent reported a salary increase in excess of 10 percent, while an even larger proportion of the respondents indicated that their 2011 raise was in the five to 10 percent range.  In addition, more than half of all IT professionals polled were anticipating a raise during 2012.

 The underlying factors for the compensation increases were not difficult for the survey to determine.  As businesses continue to expand their use of information technology, there is great demand for IT professionals, particularly security professionals, to help them establish, monitor, and maintain their systems.  Of particular concern is securing such systems against intrusion.

Rather than strike out on their own to find an IT professional and negotiate a salary commensurate with his or her qualifications and experience, businesses can choose to contract with an IT company who will handle those matters and provide managed programs staff on a pre-determined basis to support the firm's IT goals.

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