New Symantec Poll: Virtualization and Security

Virtualization SecurityThe latest Threat Awareness Poll conducted by Symantec involved asking nearly 2,000 small and medium businesses about their practices for protecting data interests against the current threat environment.  Components of the poll also assessed the level of understanding that SMBs have about the various ways in which intruders may seek access to their systems or the data contained in them as well as ways that such intrusions can be prevented.  The poll was conducted during the month of September 2011, but results have only recently become available.

Three major findings emerged from the Symantec study.  First, the poll indicated that small businesses possess a strong interest in virtualizing their IT resources.  However, small businesses in particular were experiencing struggles as they sought to find and implement the best methods for achieving virtualization.  Lastly, Symantec found that many small businesses are not yet fully protecting their systems and data, particularly when a virtual environment is in play.

One excellent way for small businesses to move ahead with virtualization plans is to adopt a managed programs model for IT services.  This model can be a great advantage to firms struggling with IT solutions because with a managed programs approach, skilled personnel visit on a regular basis to provide services.  This means that there is literally someone to talk to about the ongoing implementation of new systems.  Problems can be solved quickly when in-house staff are not put in the position of working outside their true areas of expertise as they attempt to cobble together solutions on their own. 

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