Improving Data Center Management with IT Services

Managed ServicesThe increasing complexity of business operations has led to the development of the modern data center, but as demands on data centers also increase, a growing number of firms are realizing that their data centers would be better administered through a managed services model for IT services.  Issues such as the need to use ‘green tech’ and the efficiencies to be gained through server consolidation make a managed services model an ideal match for data center management.

Managed services firms have a variety of IT solutions they can leverage to provide well-structured and cost-effective data center management.  A modern data center is not generally comprised of stand-alone programs and silos of storage and applications any longer.  Instead, integrated solutions are used in order to improve the allocation of resources on a dynamic basis. 

One common approach to centralized data center management is to use Microsoft System Center, which allows managed services personnel to optimize computing resources so that they are available and fully responsive to the end-users depending on them.  Microsoft System Center is built around the concept that data centers may be fully virtualized, partially virtualized, or still completely physical in nature.  Features, such as automated provisioning, work equally well with virtual servers as well as physical ones.  In addition, the System Center allows managed services staff to implement comprehensive monitoring of all facets of the data center from one end to another.  These monitoring abilities incorporate holistic looks at the entire system as well as the capacity to drill down into the details to examine data center processes up close.

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