Podcasting opens up new possibilities for IT Consulting

Podcasting IT SolutionsBefore the possible uses of the internet became apparent, businesses and other organizations in need of IT consulting assistance and advice may have limited themselves to IT companies operating in their local area.  This choice is entirely understandable in an age when consultations mainly needed to take place in person and travel expenses could add a considerable amount to the final tally for services rendered.  That day, however, has come and gone.  Today's businesses can choose from IT consulting firms across the entire nation without worrying about associated travel costs.

What had made this sea change possible is the power of the internet to enable the kind of distance learning that is also transforming institutions of higher education.  Workers and managers who need to meet with an IT consultant to discuss options for the future or progress on a project currently underway can have face-to-face meetings via video streaming technology.  Thus, a consulting firm operating out of Boston or New York, for example, can easily provide services to a firm located in Washington State.

The addition of podcasting technology makes these distance learning possibilities even more powerful.  Video streams, of course, can be recorded for playback later.  Podcasts operate on a similar principle, but they are designed from the first to be video sessions that will be played and replayed at a user's convenience.  Traditionally, employees in need of training had to rearrange their workflow so they could attend the session being offered by an IT consultant in person.  With podcasting, employees can train at times that do not interfere with their usual duties. 

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