Data Loss Prevention Using Outsourced IT Support

Data loss prevention is one of the most important issues that today's businesses face. The dual fronts of consumer confidence and legislation from both state and federal authorities mean that preventing data loss is now key to business success, but today's IT solutions often mean that businesses are responsible for more data than ever before. This compounds the potential difficulty of maintaining all such data without ever suffering a loss, which can result not only from hacking and intrusion, but also from managing data in a way that allows some of it to become unrecoverable.

Here's how outsourcing your IT can help with business data loss prevention:

Personally Identifiable Information

Of special concern is the issue of personally identifiable information. This phrase refers to data point that can be used to identify an individual. Examples of personally identifiable information include health record numbers, names, Social Security numbers, and even dates of birth. When any of these identifiers are inadvertently released, the company can face the stiff consequences that result from breach laws. Even if not released, the internal loss of such information can play havoc with a company database.

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The Outsourced IT Solution

These ramifications mean that firms and businesses need to consider shifting toward a managed services approach for IT services. Data loss prevention is a cornerstone of such services, which provide remote monitoring to help make sure that appropriate security and backups are consistently maintained. The cost of adopting a managed services approach can in many cases be far less than the costs associated with a major data loss incident, which can result not only in fines but also in lost business opportunities.

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