Google's ‘Bouncer’ uses IT Solutions to seek out app malware

App MalwareOne of the challenges in the world of Android-based cell phones and devices has been the fact that some malware developers have seen apps as the ideal way to intrude into not just cell phones themselves, but into the systems to which they may at times be connected, including business systems set to synchronize or communicate with mobile devices.  Up until now, Google has not provided IT professionals with robust tools to help them deal with this type of menace.  That has changed with the introduction of Google Bouncer, a program designed to scan the Android Marketplace for apps containing malicious code.

With Bouncer, one of the major drawbacks to the concept of an open OS for mobile devices is being limited.  The program not only scans all new apps for the presence of spyware and malware, but it also runs a simulation of each app in operation to help make sure that the app does not act in a malicious way in practice.  In addition, whenever new malware crops up in the IT world, Bouncer will re-scan the entire Android Marketplace for it.

While Bouncer is definitely a step in the right direction, those who specialize in providing IT solutions to businesses and other organizations caution that it is not a cure-all.  Companies still need to maintain their own robust security with regard to mobile devices in use in the workplace.  One of the best ways to provide that security is through a managed programs approach so that professionals from an IT company can be on hand to meet your IT needs. 

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