Outsourced IT Support in Securing Mobile Devices

Securing DevicesOne challenge to any business organization is that employee time is limited.  In many cases, it is all workers can do to stay up to date with issues involved in their core workflow, which means that little time is left over for researching ancillary issues.  This fact of life in the business world can have a large impact on the level of security present in the workplace, particularly now that mobile devices are becoming such an integral part of many firms both large and small.

A Case in Point

The Department of Health and Human Services, a cabinet-level agency of the federal government, has announced plans to supply the public with tip sheets and even videos offering guidance about how better to secure mobile devices.  According to Joy Pritts of HHS, "Given the rapid adoption of mobile devices against the backdrop of the breach incidents reported, there's been a growing concern about the use of these devices because of their vulnerability.  The mobile device privacy and security good practices project is one of the ways we hope to address these concerns."

While this is a laudable project, many employees that could benefit from the knowledge will never have time to visit the HHS site for this type of training.  This situation is tailor-made for IT consultants that can visit the HHS site for themselves and choose those techniques that are most relevant to a particular business.  These consultants can then provide highly targeted training that will make the most of employees' valuable time.

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