IT Solutions: Working with VMware's vCloud

Cloud ComputingBusinesses and other organizations that are interested in adopting a managed services approach that includes cloud-based technology have many options to choose.  Managed services providers can provide invaluable insight and guidance into the various types of cloud platforms that are available today and can assist managers and owners to understand whether a private, public, or hybrid cloud model will best suit initial and ongoing needs.

One of the most powerful cloud platforms on the market today is vCloud from VMware.  As the old adage insists, the "proof is in the pudding," and in VMware's case, more than 250,000 businesses around the world have already chosen it as the platform of choice for their virtualization needs.  It is one of the standard products that managed services providers use to help their clients, and with the addition of vCloud, the overall VMware system in place can easily be leveraged to construct both private and public clouds. 

When it comes to managed services and public clouds, VMware with vCloud can create a situation that for many businesses is the best of both worlds.  The organization will feel as though it has its own data centers operating solely for its benefit, when in fact the business is actually freed from many of the capital expenditures needed to start up such a facility on their own.  The complexities of managing such an installation are also solved with a managed services approach, in which remotely located personnel monitor and regulate the systems for the benefit of the company using them. 

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