IT Solutions: Identifying Bad Devices

Bad devicesNot so very long ago, the term ‘bad device’ merely indicated a hardware component or peripheral that had stopped functioning properly.  In today's world of extensive cyber threats, however, the term has taken on an entirely new meaning.  A bad device now is one that functions as a repository for malware or malicious web content.  According to industry estimates, thousands of new bad devices are added to the World Wide Web every day. 

Bad devices fall into two broad categories of cyber threat.  Some are repositories for web pages that together comprise an entire web site.  The site seeks to lure unwitting visitors into disclosing their financial and personal information.  The other type, which is considered an even bigger threat, makes use of web sites from actual businesses.  When these sites have not been properly secured, they can be co-opted by hackers who can do great harm not only to individual customers whose information is stolen, but also to the overall reputation of a company.

One of the great challenges for today's IT departments is to find and execute IT solutions that can help to identify these bad devices so that they can be blocked.  The primary tools used to do this use IP or DNS identification.  A managed services approach to IT security provides solid tools and the skilled personnel to use them so that bad devices can be detected ahead of time and blocked so that company systems and resources remain secure.

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