Managed Services Providers Recommend Cloud-Based IT Solutions

Cloud-Based IT SolutionsIT companies providing managed services frequently tout the benefits of moving to a cloud-based model for their computing needs. Businesses often need detailed data and statistics that will demonstrate and defend the case for such a major shift in their approach to IT solutions.

Such proof is not difficult to find.  Respected organizations of the United States government such as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories are beginning to understand the true power that lies in a cloud-based approach to IT resources. Tomas Sonderstrom, who serves as the chief technology officer for JPL, provides an illustrative example.

Sonderstrom has revealed that JPL spent more than two weeks running its computers 24 hours a day in order to download almost 200,000 images produced by a mission to Saturn.  After 15 days had elapsed, JPL still had not completed this massive project.  Sonderstrom then turned to Amazon's cloud computing interface for help.

According to Sonderstrom, "We spun up 60 processors in Amazon's cloud, and we finished it in five hours for a total cost of $200.  For us, that was a real validation. We took the real processing that missions would do, and we were able to start and stop it, and went from weeks to hours, and we were able to validate the costs, and we turned it off after it was done."

With success stories such as these emanating from the federal government, it is no wonder that so many companies are turning to managed services to provide them with cloud-based IT solutions.

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