IT Consulting Companies Provide IT Solutions for Malware Attacks

A recent wave of malware attacks has highlighted the need for banks and other businesses to secure high quality IT consulting services.  A variant of the attack program known as Zeus, nicknamed Ice IX, has begun to target individuals and organization that use online banking services.  Ice IX attempts to extract user names and passwords, but the true goal of the malware is to secure telephone numbers in order to continue perpetrating fraud that is much more difficult to detect. 

"We believe the fraudsters are executing fraudulent transactions using the stolen credentials and redirecting the bank's post-transaction verification phone calls to professional criminal caller services that approve the transactions," commented Amit Klein of Trusteer.  "This is very private data, typically only known to the phone subscriber and the phone company.  It is used by the phone company to verify the identity of the subscriber and authorize sensitive account modifications such as call forwarding."

Trusteer is the organization that first discovered the Ice IX attacks.  Thus far, the malware has been launched at online banking customers in both the UK and the U.S.  What makes Ice IX particularly dangerous is the way the malware automates the process of fraud. 

The use of IT consulting can help companies stay out ahead of the ‘malware curve’ so that they are as well-prepared as possible to avoid such attacks and deal with them when and as they occur.  Most businesses have enough to do to accomplish core competencies and are not fully able to deal with computer security issues.

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