Improve Invoice Processing with Specialized IT Solutions

Virtualized environmentIn the business world, the old adage is often true: time really can be money.  Businesses and other organizations that keep a tight eye on the bottom line are aware that any IT solutions that speed up processes such as invoice approval are likely to produce significant financial benefits for the company.  In addition, speeding up such processes can help a business to become more agile and flexible, responding to market conditions in a much more efficient manner.  This in turns only serves to boost long-term financial prospects as well.

One way in which to improve invoice processing times is to adopt streamlined IT solutions such as Duet Enterprise, a system developed in joint cooperation by both SAP and Microsoft.  Duet Enterprise allows business management programs developed by SAP to share information with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.  In this way, Duet Enterprise can extend SAP functionality into a program interface that employees already use and understand, meaning that the combination system has a dramatically lower learning curve for workers than would a brand-new system for improved invoice processing. 

The system uses a dashboard interface that resides inside the SharePoint Server.  Using this dashboard, employees can ‘drill down’ for the detailed information they may need about individual invoices.  Perhaps best of all, the implementation of such a system can be completed in less than two months, including employee-training time.  To install and maintain an innovative system such as this, companies will find that a managed programs approach is most beneficial. 

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