IT Consultants Work with the Ice Cream Sandwich

The latest update to Google's popular cell phone platform, Android, has been given the surprising name of Ice Cream Sandwich.  Officially, Ice Cream Sandwich is Android OS version 4.0.  While end-user consumers have enthusiastically received the update, it is also garnering interest in the business world because of added features that may help it become a regular part of company workflow. 

Currently, Ice Cream Sandwich is only available on a few devices, but Google plans to roll out the upgrade to more devices soon.  In addition, selected new Android devices will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich installed by default during 2012.

Security Enhancements

Android phones running Ice Cream Sandwich will be able to encrypt data on a full-device basis.  Managed programs staff, always in search of new and better IT solutions to help their clients, will appreciate this feature because it will allow them to protect company information more reliably, such as customer contact lists, that may be stored on cell phones in use by employees and managers.

To safeguard encrypted data better, Ice Cream Sandwich also allows users to implement a facial recognition requirement for access.  This feature makes use of the camera on board the device.  The phone can also be set to allow access based on a personal identification code, a feature that will be useful for those who prefer not to deal with facial authentication at this stage.  There has also been significant improvement to app architecture; because apps will now use randomized memory locations, hackers will have a much harder time piggybacking onto an app in order to break into the device. 

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