IT Solutions: VMware Offers More than Virtualization

File shareVMware is the world's leading platform for virtualized workspaces, but the company also offers tools that help businesses and other organizations to collaborate online through powerful messaging and email features.  The cloud-based messaging interface that makes this possible is known as VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server. 

Robust features of Zimbra include a ‘briefcase’ component that allows for cloud-based file sharing among authenticated users.  Unlike some similar applications publicly available, Zimbra briefcases allow users to upload several different versions of the same document, an essential feature when employees are working collaboratively to edit and improve the document in question.  Furthermore, users can check documents out and check them back in, allowing management to exercise greater oversight over the use of company information resources.

A ‘people search’ feature makes it simple for workers to locate company contacts.  Rather than looking through address books and customer lists one by one, ‘people search’ provides a global search functionality, even looking into more obscure documents such as organizational and seating charts in order to find the individuals requested. 

Additionally, improved administrative functions allow managed services personnel from IT companies to cut down on spam even while improving the email capacity for employees.  As indicated, VMware Zimbra is ideally positioned to run as part of a managed services model for IT solutions because it can be remotely administered, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership of the product while simultaneously increasing employee and organizational efficiencies.  Zimbra virtual servers allow for server load balancing as well as maintenance that result in zero downtime.