IT Solutions: The Importance of Data Governance

Data GovernanceAny business that utilizes computing technology in a significant way has probably long been aware of the need for security policies.  Data governance, however, is a separate realm requiring distinct IT solutions of its own.

What is Data Governance? 

The phrase ‘data governance’ refers to not just to the security of information held inside computer systems, but also to the quality of the data itself.  Data governance involves software processes and procedures that can help to improve and maintain the consistency of data across systems and the accuracy of that data to begin with.  The challenge of adequate data governance continues to be a significant interest for businesses and for the managed programs staff that visit those businesses on a regular basis to help them make the most of their computing environment.

According to a 2011 study, more than 40 percent of organizations surveyed indicated that maintaining the quality of their data is a key concern.  Certainly, it can represent a large challenge in a world where computer technology is changing at an ever-faster rate.  Older data storage systems may be in danger of becoming obsolete.  Already, storage technologies in common use just 15 years ago, such as the floppy disk, are seen rarely in the business world.  Some managers worry that today's data storage technologies may fall by the wayside just as quickly. 

A managed programs approach can help businesses improve their data governance by providing them with ways to transition data reliably and accurately when new technologies begin to edge out older ones.

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