IT Consultants Provide Advice on Privacy Changes in Cloud Computing

Google has announced a new privacy policy that has raised eyebrows in some quarters.  Privacy advocates worry that the new policy, which will allow for sharing of data among Google services including Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa, could have an adverse impact on businesses that make use of Google’s cloud computing platform.  Google has announced that the new policy will only affect non-paying customers of its popular services, but at least one Google contract, an agreement with the city government of Los Angeles, in fact, specifies that Google’s standard privacy policy will apply. 

Google’s move points out an issue that businesses must face when they decide to use such large services provided to the public.  Privacy policies and other policies may be subject to change, which means that businesses that sign on to use cloud computing services may end up with terms and conditions that are different from what they expected when the relationship first began.

To protect themselves from the vagaries of the changing world of IT solutions, businesses and other organizations would be well advised to work closely with an IT consulting firm when making decisions about the public services they wish to use.  In some cases, a public cloud solution may be the best solution, but companies leery of having their data mined may wish to explore other alternatives that will give them more control over when and how private information is put to use.  In either case, the advice of an IT consulting firm can be invaluable.