IT Consultants Help Businesses Select the Right Cloud Provider

MouseThe growth of a managed services model in recent years has led more businesses than ever to think critically about the possibility of moving onto a cloud-computing platform.  One of the very first decisions to be made in this arena for any organization is the selection of a cloud services provider.  Businesses must consider several different criteria when making such a decision, but one of the most important of all is how well a given provider can deliver the kind of performance that businesses need and expect. 

Common Performance Issues

Businesses using a cloud-computing platform expect applications and data to be delivered reliably and at high speed.  The ability of a cloud service provider to deliver as expected can depend on such easily determined factors as the geographic distance between end-user and provider.  Other factors may be more challenging to evaluate.  These include the provider’s input/output access speeds and the performance of the network in use at the provider’s site. 

Businesses studying various cloud providers with an eye toward selecting one to work with may wish have an outside IT company advise them as to the realistic performance that could be expected from each. 

Another issue to consider is the software stack that may be in use by the cloud services provider.  Some providers have specialized in one particular platform, and if a business uses applications largely from the same platform, this can produce large efficiencies that help the bottom line tremendously. 

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