Infrastructure Overhauls can Help to Maximize IT Consultant Time

Saving staff timeWhen businesses have implemented a managed programs approach to IT services, it is in their best interests to arrange the infrastructure in ways that allow visiting staff to do more in less time.  This not only improves employee workflow by keeping systems up and running, it cuts down on costs and enhances the bottom line.  One of the most powerful ways to make more of your managed programs model is to re-organize your systems to eliminate unnecessary redundancies as well as fragmented and complex infrastructure that no longer serves your current needs.

In one example of an infrastructure overhaul, the business in question was using several hundred different software applications as they tracked and processed transactions.  This drove costs up because systems and records as well as workflow processes could vary hugely from one office to another.  In addition, the use of so many different systems made it difficult to collect overall data for analysis; this interfered with the company’s ability to forecast trends and respond to the market in a timely manner, and this was when all systems were functioning as intended.

A thorough overhaul of infrastructure at this company simplified its IT resources, streamlining and integrating them so that fewer programs were needed and the IT in use would match from one work site to another.  Once this was accomplished, standards could be implemented company-wide, which helped both managed programs staff and other workers to become more efficient and productive. 

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