Outsourcing Solutions for the Patching Issue in VMware

VMwareLike any other software system, VMware does sometimes need to be patched with updates and fixes that can improve security and offer enhanced functionality.  Other patches may even remediate bugs that have been recently discovered in the newer versions of the software.  One of the best ways to ensure your system stays up to date is to use the VMware Update Manager, which provides automated functions that can streamline the process of upgrading and patching.  The Update Manager allows managed services staff to fine-tune the patching process as needed so that organizational workflow is disrupted as little as possible.

Improvements to the VMware Update Manager

Version 5 of vSphere included some enhancements for the Update Manager.  Now, patches can be downloaded from several different sources as needed and updates to one part of the system can use filters that will make sure that only needed patches are requested and downloaded.  This speeds the time it takes the Update Manager to do its job, and cuts down on bandwidth consumption for companies, thereby producing savings of both time and money. 

There are also more options available as IT solutions, allowing staff to choose more specifically the scale and scope of the updates desired.  Patches considered ‘non-critical’ and ‘critical’ are clearly defined in advance so that managed services staff can develop a coherent update plan that will best serve the organization's specific needs, whatever they may be.  Additional update filters allow for even more flexibility.

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