IT Consultants can Advise on Multiple Hypervisor Platforms

Virtualized environmentWhen virtualization was new, there was really only one viable choice of hypervisor vendor.  As virtualization became a far more common business system, however, competition arose and several different hypervisor platforms became popular tools for improving IT efficiency and streamlining resources in order to reduce the average cost of workflow.  Today, businesses that wish to adopt more than a single platform for virtualization have the flexibility to do so. 

The choice to do that may seem illogical, but in fact, it is happening already, particularly when one business acquires another.  If each organization was already using a virtualization platform, there is a good chance that the newly formed business will have two such platforms on its hands.  The most efficient solution in this situation may not be to convert one entire platform over to the other.  Instead, it is possible to run a ‘multi-hypervisor environment’.

Other organizations may end up with such an environment through deliberate choice.  More than one-fourth of businesses in one survey indicated plans to avoid being locked into a single platform by making sure to use at least two.  This may reflect business concern that lock-in will ultimately drive up costs and that they are better off making it clear that hypervisor vendors must compete for their dollars.

Whatever the impetus for adopting a multi-hypervisor computing environment, organizations can greatly benefit from skilled IT consultants with expertise in this area.  Running more than one hypervisor platform is a special situation that calls for highly trained assistance and advice. 

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