IT Consultants Survey the Expansion of Virtualization

virtual environmentSurveys of small and medium sized businesses currently indicate that more organizations are beginning to see virtualization as an appropriate solution for their computerized workflow.  In past years, the top reason to hold off on converting to a virtualized environment was the sense that the business does not yet possess enough servers or applications to justify the cost of virtualizing them.  This perception is diminishing, however.  Whereas in 2010 more than 40 percent of small businesses surveyed felt this way, the percentage that echoed the sentiment just one year later had fallen to 34 percent. 

Other data also bolster the idea that virtualization is spreading further into the business environment in the United States.  When IT professionals were surveyed in 2011, almost 60 percent of them reported that their organizations were already using virtualization as a tool for consolidating physical servers.  In addition, nearly half of all IT professionals surveyed revealed that even though virtualization was already in place in their organizations, the business had expanded its virtualization strategy during 2011.  In contrast, relatively few businesses were deploying an initial strategy during 2011, but this is likely because so many businesses already have some form of virtualization already in place.

The Expansion of Virtualization

Compared to 2010 data, more businesses are virtualizing additional servers.  In fact, during 2011, more than 10 percent of businesses surveyed indicated that they had virtualized at least three-fourths of their physical servers.  This expansion of virtualization has gone hand in hand with the adoption of a managed services model from an IT company to provide resources and solutions.

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