IT Consulting Opens Up Creative Options

Few organizations are as cost conscious as small and medium sized businesses.  Such businesses often have limited cash reserves and must be extremely careful in how they spend their ongoing budgets for various functions such as IT services.  In this situation, it makes great sense for SMBs to leverage the experience and expertise of professional IT consulting firms that can often suggest innovative, cost-effective solutions to common business needs when it comes to information technology.

Email and Messaging

No business in today's climate can do without a reliable email messaging system, but full deployments of products such as Microsoft Exchange may be beyond the budget of some smaller businesses.  One alternative is to turn to cloud services that are widely available via the Internet, but many organizations hesitate to take such a step because they have concerns about security of confidential information being exchanged on such a system.

IT consultants can suggest a range of solutions that may suit individual businesses better than the ones they have already considered and rejected, or even tried.  For example, secure messaging across many different kinds of devices can be delivered through services like MDaemon, which runs on the BlackBerry platform.  Such a system can represent a lower aggregate cost of ownership than does Microsoft Exchange.  Granted, not every small business will want to adopt a BlackBerry based strategy in order to provision themselves with email and messaging, but this is just one example of the ‘out of the box’ thinking that businesses can access by using IT consulting.

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