IT Solutions for Automation and Virtualization

VirtualizationWhen computer environments become extensively virtualized, system administrators need to have better tools for working with the network and the systems that make it up.  A rapid pace of change characterizes virtualized environments, and these changes can now take place on a much larger scale.  All of these factors mean that old school IT solutions such as manual control over configurations are no longer adequate.  In fact, more than three-fourths of IT administrators are now saying that they expect the quantity of system configuration changes needed in a year to grow at staggering rates, approaching 50 percent growth in some organizations. 

Automation is the Solution

Automated change management and provisioning is the way forward in such highly virtualized computing environments.  Automation based on rules and relationships coded into the system will make it possible to provide almost instant migration of workloads along with the dynamic pooling of resources that makes virtualization so very efficient.  An automated system can largely do away with the former systems used to manage the networks, which often included emails and phone calls between colleagues trying frantically to coordinate the changes needed across the system.

Automation Does Not Mean Hands-Off

Just because a system is highly automated does not mean that there is no human involvement with it.  Managed programs staff are still needed on a regular basis in order to monitor the efficiency of the automated environment.  Such staff can scan logs and receive employee and management input in order to fine-tune the rules governing the automation itself.

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