A Look Inside VMware's VCP Certification and IT Consulting

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Companies that wish to vet and/or implement a virtualization strategy using VMware's products can benefit from using an IT consulting firm in their search, where one or more of the experts on staff possess the high-level certification known as VMware Certified Professional (VCP).  Earning the certification requires candidates to complete VMware-authorized training courses pass several rigorous exams.

According to a recent VCP graduate, "The certification process is evidence that you know how to create and implement complex and highly scalable solutions...The problem with IT is it’s far too complicated, and for it to be consumable, it needs to be simple.”

IT consultants who possess a VCP certification will be able to offer expert virtualization advice to companies of all sizes from the smallest concern to large multinationals.  This will allow companies to receive valuable guidance as they move toward a virtualization strategy, or as they adopt one that takes over more of the essential functions of the business.

More and more businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits of VMware servers. However, in order to fully take advantage of all its uses, a business must first ensure that those severs are properly installed and run. This can be accomplished with the help of professional IT consultants, who have the VCP certification, such as those at iCorps Technologies. 

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