Hackers Target Businesses with Certain Tie-Ins

Businesses who work with the federal government in some capacity should take extra care to safeguard systems and networks from hacking attacks.  The mere fact of having a tie-in to a federal agency may be enough to place these businesses on the radar of hacking groups that feel they have a ‘score to settle’ with government forces.

The most well-publicized incident of such an attack happened just last August, when more than a dozen alleged participants in the "Anonymous" hacking network targeted companies that had contracts with the FBI.  ManTech International was one such company, providing cyber security to the agency, but more than 70 similar attacks had already been carried out, some against law enforcement offices and some against businesses affiliated with local and state police forces as well as federal government agencies. 

ManTech released a statement about the attack against them, saying, "All organizations attract cyber threats in our highly networked world.  Our practice is generally not to comment on reports involving security related matters.  However, given current publicity, we wish to assure our customers, employees, shareholders and business partners that ManTech takes seriously recent reports of a cyber threat, and we responsibly and actively address all sources of information about threats to our information and assets and those of our customers."

All businesses should take the threat environment seriously, but most particularly those businesses that may find they become special targets because of their contracts or contacts.  One of the best to handle cyber security in today's complex computing world is to adopt a managed programs model for IT solutions. 

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