The New World of Converged Architecture

IT architectureOne of the largest trends in the world of business computing is converged architecture, which is widely seen as one of the best IT solutions for addressing the increasing sprawl of IT resources.  As companies have added networking devices, servers, and storage units to their systems over time, they have seen more and more "silos" develop in their infrastructure. 

A technology silo is a set of resources that becomes dedicated to a specific application.  One or two such silos in an organization may not pose much of a problem, but when they multiply into the dozens or beyond, they represent a significant loss in terms of bandwidth to the company because the resources tied up in the silo cannot be used in a flexible manner to meet other needs as they arise. 

Converged architecture can be a solution because it streamlines a network, allowing resources to be used and managed efficiently.  Converged architecture solutions are available from many professional IT companies and are widely regarded as offering several key business benefits.  These include the ability to create virtualization from one end of a process or system to another, the acceleration of standardization efforts, which increases efficiency, and lowered operating costs.  Lowered operating costs is perhaps the most palpable benefit to businesses; many are finding that up to 70% of their IT budget is spent on ongoing maintenance and operations, leaving only 30% free for improvements and innovations. 

Too much on your plate? A shift to a converged architecture approach can be explored in more detail with the help of an IT consulting firm.

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